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Meh, I feel like crap today. Being broke and hungry doesn't come with many perks.

Ahh, from a Ron Paul speech that was quite intriguing to more internet rabbit-hole predictions, the chatter is endless lately.

I stumbled across a rather interesting set of predictions for this year, the first of which already came to pass, that lays out a lot of turmoil. Of course the way events are lain out often tends to shift depending on how much light has been shed (on true rumors) as well as public perception and particular threat of backlash, but seeing some interesting things lately made me wonder.. What would -I- do as a fearless (fearful and power-hungry) leader? Assuming I was a tyrant.

And this is more of a for-fun thing, not a nutter prediction. Like a Critical Thinking question in an essay from the old school days. Although it seems hardly appropriate to call it fun.. *ahem* Anyway..

Okay, let's say there's the economical collapse and all that leading up to it. Let's say, for argument's sake, all this Jade Helm stuff is definitively practice for upheaval, FEMA camps are a mixture of prison camps, refuges and internment camps, and I've decided what cities and things I want to salvage for my new world. I know, as a great leader of nations, that the dollar's about to fall out the bottom and mass riots, chaos and likely government retaliation will be the fallout. You know, the usual. So what would I do, assuming I were dark?

Well, I pick what I want to save and I destroy the rest. Pack my shit up into some nice little places, like that EMP-safe little Cheyenne Mountain, relocate everything I need--resources. Food, weapons, my weaknesses, whatever--into safe little places. Now, when it all goes down I could let the people kill each other.. Or I could make a preemptive announcement and try to get peoples' weapons and herd them into the camps. They'd likely fight back--unless I gave them a common enemy. Maybe we have some 'invaders' on our soil and suddenly a place like, say, New York City or something big and important, a central hub of some sort, were to be attacked. Maybe a drone strike or some niftily discreet looking 'enemy' plains drop a few missiles or what have you. Hey, it's all for the common good. And I only really think NYC because, hell, the stock market is there (what better excuse than to blame the fall of the economy on an enemy attack turned stock crash rather than the over-inflated, valueless dollar!) as well as it being a fairly important hub in the grand scheme of things. Besides, it's nice and cliche. Big cities like LA and New York always take the hit.
Anyway, if I went that way, people wouldn't know quite what to believe, assuming I'd had a way to make the announcement prior or in a coincidental (convenient) overlapping timing with such a thing. Me, announcing my safety measures and how there's word of an eminent 'terror' threat (seems fitting with the theme we've been given in the last decade), and suddenly--poof. Out goes the power. It isn't just the televisions, lights or A/C. It's cell phones, computers, anything in the area. A nice little EMP surprise so even if someone does recognize it's one of ours, who could report it? It'd sound like conspiratorial dribble. Take out a few places, word gets out, surrounding areas fear these would-be invaders. Suddenly they want big brother to protect them. And the ones who don't, who high-tail it to the boonies? Who cares. Let them. They'll hide out, catch rabbits with their teeth and be none the wiser as I move forward.

The beauty of whether or not I make an announcement, or even attack my own cities under the guise of enemy acts of terror, I can still have all I need in my little bunkers and mountains. Safe from EMPs and plenty of supplies. And, if I have a family and they're a weakness for me, I can hide them away, too. Lack of power doesn't just mean lack of creature comforts for people, it literally changes the game. No internet or texting or calling because no computers or working phones. Population decreases when those who depend on power for survival, especially hospitalized folks or the elderly, are suddenly cut off from their life-source and expire. The riots and looters will take a lot of each other out as well. Likely people would be too panicked to be rational or even organize. Likely they didn't have a plan or the plan hinged on being able to easily contact each other for a while. Even if any rational organizers had planned to usurp and change the government, any revolution would be utterly stalled in the chaos ensuing. An EMP would take out most transportation, too. Food distribution would cease, grocery stores would cease, currency is already worthless. And, as a very informed leader, I would already have associates in any place I thought I might need them. To blend in, to help courier information and orders, to gather information or to instill some sort of control where I can. Hell, my army can't martial law the whole country, but if they're at each other's throats, they'll beg for order and change. The hard part would be reasserting my power over the people--who would likely try to form their own mini-governments. Like Texas. Ah, Texas. But, hey, with the Jade Helm exercises, I'd have already sized them up. And, hey, if I can time everything right, maybe put it near winter when man can't even grow his own food unless he has a greenhouse and a lot of luck, I can get people to be desperate, probably even convince them I can shelter and feed them, in exchange for some menial labor for the greater good, and all they have to do is leave their weapons at the door.

Now, with my armies and all my good tech safely kept away from the harm of an EMP, I could rise up and try to take control starting with, you guessed it, all the select cities that give me much needed footholds, power and stability to re-begin my reign. If I made sure I have the means to restore power within a certain time-frame, I can spin whatever story I want. It's all about control and perception. Meanwhile, having never really lost my own ability to contact other places, I'd be in constant talks with other nations. This is, of course, assuming we really did want that whole One-world government bullshit. Hell, if it works in the Star Trek universe, why not. In the meantime I can handpick my Cabinet (you didn't really think I'd save the ones who don't agree with me, right?) and, with no Legislative and Judicial branches, and probably no Congress--though I haven't quite decided--I'd be 'forced' to be a single figurehead in the government, where my rule is absolute. And under the guise of rebuilding everything, and using the evils the people had among them, riots, murders, looting, rape, vandalism, as an excuse, I could announce a need and a transition to our global government, with myself as a figurehead. Which, of course, would have to change how our own Presidency works. Instead, I'll be a chancellor or something nifty. Someone 'appointed' to the seat on the council for this new government as a representative for my country. Which means, if I did it, say, before my time in office is over, leaves me staying in my position.

Ah, but that's if I take my own EMP route. I could always just go in, armed to the teeth in only the places I need and want to defend as my strongholds, slaving and detaining any who get in my way, but that leaves you way too open to opposition. People need to be lost, confused and without information in order to be controlled easier. Everyone wants a leader and most people prefer to follow rather than lead or stand on their own feet, with their own brains, and think for themselves. We'll think for them. Those little sheep will be welcomed wholeheartedly into the barn and all the others will either be dealt with or left to fend for themselves and duke it out for survival.

Ahh, my diseased brain. How would I, if I was truly a leader, change the way this place was run? I'd go back to basics. I'd sit down with our Constitution (pre-amendments that have been made since it's conception) and start working from there. I wouldn't kill, plot or enslave. I wouldn't overtax. I wouldn't print worthless money or treat people in my own country like they're guilty until proven otherwise. I'd work WITH the people, giving them a real voice and not placating them into feeling like they have a voice when I do whatever I want anyway. Th... Ah, crap, lost my train of thought. ^^; Batmunk started playing with this little easter chick and she figured out how to make it chirp--which is really smart and adorable! I love her. Ahh, cats are great. ^^ Good cats. Nice cats. Smart, clean, non-prickish cats.

..Huh.. Well, don't expect anything out of me this weekend. The temperatures are miserable for a while, so I'll work my best when I can and try to get things done soon. Apologies to those awaiting their requests for so long.

Da duh dah..

In other news, nothing really to report. Stressed to the hilt, as always. I read a book recently I really enjoyed called Red Queen. The next book isn't out until next year, so I hope I can read it. I also read a couple manga that I enjoyed the first volumes of. One that was, eh, okay, but a very weak impression of the main character's personality and the fact that it changed too rapidly really diminished the enjoyment for me.

Played a little GTA 5 the other night..or last night? Well, anyway, hadn't played that in months, so it was a learning curve. I really hate that half the time when you hit someone they instantly die. I don't like the killing so much. I think that's why I loved Infamous so much. I could save the people myself. This GTA has the people die way too fast, no one can save them. Ah, what else..

Tried to write a little the other day. I had an idea, but the writing wasn't coming well. My tenses kept changing and it just felt really convoluted. I need to figure out a way to simplify my thoughts.

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July. It made me really depressed this year. No one really thinks about the meaning of the day or what those fireworks symbolize. The terror the soldiers felt wondering if they'd live or die when they heard the booms of explosions and gun powder or catching glimpses of the sparks from prisoner cells or behind barricades, hoping it didn't spell out their own imminent deaths or the death of a comrade in arms. People today are so single-minded. Very two-dimensional. Maybe it's because we always hear things until they have no meaning, but no one seems to really concern themselves with the meaning behind Independence Day or what it led it, or what freedoms, what liberties, we have lost since becoming a nation that built itself on the death, brutality and blood of my other ancestors, who lived here first.

Ahh, but I digress. I'm just feeling a little dark today. Probably from having this weird and terrible dream after having watched Extant. I dreamt about this alien-human fetus hybrid in a microwave, and even when the plug was pulled it didn't stop cooking it and it refused to clear or open. Really weird fucking dream.. Doesn't help that my guts are in a grinder. Ah, to be female and fucking hate it and it's damn inconveniences. I am quite disagreeable today. I'll just..yeah, over there, to wander off..

Onward to the queue!


Updated as of July 10th, 2015

Barricade379 - Original character Hayley with her parents. *--75% Complete--*

Hillygon - WITCH based Original Characters Charlie Miller and sibling Kelly.

Movie-Man - Original pirate characters, 5 females, in either group or individual images. *Next up, 4 of 5*

GalaxySeerNumber9 - Original Character in pairing with Marvel character Yondu.

FantasyRebirth96 - Pokemon Mega Cerulean Charizard

manofcartoonmaster - Scooby Doo's Daphne, terrified with wrists bound by chains and wearing swimsuit provided in reference.

Pending Requests:

wr515 - Picture of requester..joyfully hugging a bewildered troll while becoming slowly petrified..
  (Yeah, that is still weird. I'm just not sure if I can do a troll justice..)

SteveAnime - Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3) and character Steve in swimsuits at the beach.

Completed Requests:
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