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United States

Blood Type: O+
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 169.5 cm
Eyes: Blue
Contacts or Glasses: Not yet. Here's hoping I can avoid them.

And I finally made a contact email separate from my personal!


Current Residence: United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Big enough to swim in
Print preference: Glossy
Favourite genre of music: Alternative...but I like a variety.
Favourite photographer: Squid
Operating System: Windows 7...Vista died.
MP3 player of choice: I dislike them.
Wallpaper of choice: Artist Wallpapers; realistic or anime--it doesn't matter.
Favourite Quote: Rationality dampens creativity


Sorry, but I DO NOT use:

Facebook, Tumblr, Skype, Google+

Also, I currently do not use any Instant Messenger. I make exceptions for G-chat if I'm already in my email, but usually I only turn that on by request. ^^; Sorry!



I'm selling limited T-Shirt designs at Represent:
Yes, if you listen closely, children, you can still hear my residual screams bouncing and echoing through the ether of space and time. "JUMP, MARIO, YOU--" and then a stream of expletives that would not make my mother proud. By the time I finish--or finally give up and quit--a level, I have gone through all of the highs and lows from hurling fire and spitting curses faster than a demon to making soft, incoherent whimpering sounds in a pleading tone to the screen. But, yes, I usually end with the burning fires of righteous indignation and pure determination. And when I finally finish, should I have succeeded and finished the sadistic level made my an evil genius, there is a similar sort of ending for me ranging from manic laughter to silent relief, or, my favorite, "HAH! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU, I WON!" or some other choice words to let the television and other inanimate things know that I have beaten all odds and done something that only 1.45% of other people have also done.

Super Mario Maker is really fun when you're making levels. I mean, playing the levels can be fun...and can be frustrating or downright annoying. When you're playing the 100-Mario challenge and half of your freaking levels are're irritated because you don't get to play and have to sit through however long the bullshit level lasts. Some of them, sure, took a lot of work, so the MAKING of said levels can sometimes be impressive--the making, not the playing. The playing is obnoxious. Not as bad as those damn troll levels! Now, luckily, a true troll M-Maker cannot make because in order to upload it requires you to beat your own level--but people can surprise you with their trolliness. Having impossible levels--or near impossible levels--with a secret hidden cheap box somewhere only they know about so they can easily bypass the hell that they have created in order to upload a monster level--or a piece of shit, respectively--is pretty evil.

Anyway, as I said, the making of levels can be pretty fun. A little pressure-y for me, and complex (which I'll get to next), but fun. So, what's so complex? You can play levels with a multitude of controls, but for some ungodly reason the lazy programmers at Nintendo decided that, despite how easy it would be to do with the other controls, you can only be allowed to create levels using the tablet. The tablet! So for those who are shrugging and going "So?" here's the thing: My eyes cannot handle the small screens with the colors and high resolutions and--the movement. The fucking movement. It makes me sick, strains them and gives me headaches. So I cannot watch films or things on small devices, I cannot play modern handheld games and, bully for me, I cannot build my own Mario levels because it hurts my eyes and makes me ill. So I don't get to enjoy half of the damn fun of a Wii-U because I am being punished for this issue by a company that likes to turn its back on anything of its own that isn't new and shiny. Motion controls come out? Suddenly if I want to enjoy Zelda I have to swing around a Wii-mote as a RIGHT HANDED LINK?! If I want to build my own level I have to now use a tablet?!
Why can't you put in options for people like me! Link is a lefty, dammit, and I certainly don't want to jump around like a moron. I enjoy gaming in a comfortable way. And why can't they stop putting things touch screen/handheld/tablet mandatory and let me do something! It's very frustrating. The current era of gaming is slowly leaving me behind and soon I'll have all the time in the world for the old school games and the newer ones I haven't beaten yet--because I won't be able to play the new ones. v.v The industry doesn't care about the small population of people like me. It does what it does and I'll just have to get a new hobby when the transformation is complete. Maybe I'll collect pocket fuzz and sell it on eBay.

Okay, enough of the overly melodramatic. Anyway, I found a way around this. It can be long and tedious and slightly frustrating, and also a little fun at times---Jemi. Luckily I have a chunk of people meat that I married who is great with..well, everything I am not. Small screens, touch screens, loud music, concerts, foods I can't eat because my taste buds hate me--everything. So he does the building and I dictate all the things I would like. Which often has me jumping up and and down from the sofa to the television pointing and gesturing. In this way we have built three levels. We just completed my latest masterpiece last night. But, because it's a pain to unlock all the items on both accounts in building--especially since I can't do it and have to wait for him to be free--they're built on his game's profile. Oh well, I get to build stuff! Eventually we're gonna try to see if we can't download them to mine and re-upload them, but I don't want to since people are playing them. Or played a few times. But unless you get a certain amount of coins you are doomed to a limit of 10-uploads at a time until many people like your stuff enough to give you stars. Then it unlocks ten more until you get a million more freaking stars..which aren't easy to get unless you make trades with people. "I'll play and star your level if you do one of mine".

Ohhh, but my new level is absolutely fantastic and I really wish people could play it! More like..I really wish I could see the look on peoples' faces while they played it. Or at the very least hear their reactions. Ahhh, Mario Maker is turning me into a sadist...

Okay, so for those of you bored enough to still be tuned in, Happy Thanksgiving--tomorrow. Jemi works and we're too broke this year, so I won't be cooking anything special. I figure I'll try to make up for it at Christmas and do both ham and that turkey-in-a-bag. That thing is easy and fucking delicious. And the food lasts forever.. I should consider a plan for the leftovers. Hn. But I digress. Anyway, enjoy your holidays if you are in an area that has holidays at this time. Christmas is going to be upon us soon.. I really hate when people are like "This many more weekends until Christmas!" Really? Do you have to make me stress harder than I already am?! Jerks. Okay, so they're excited and probably not jerks, but I idle at stressed and it surely doesn't help.

Oneesan's birthday is coming up. I asked her and she has no plans, so I told her to come over and we can play games and I'll supply her with cake and pizza. And I said she can bring her newest flavor of the month, Ivy. He has...a girl's name... *quiver* Whatever. He seems...I'm not really sure yet. I don't know if he's trying to hard to be friendly and sibling-esque, or if he's trying to make himself my mortal enemy. He picked on me and threatened the livelihood of my chicken...but then he also did some really nice stuff, like asked the waitress for extra ice cream for my apple thing at the restaurant. ..I'm pretty easy, so acquiring ice cream for someone's apple thing is considered to be a very high act of generosity. It's like laying an offering of gold, jewels and pure women at the feet of some emperor or Pharaoh guy somewhere.
I reserve judgement since she doesn't normally pick people who don't end up to be good people. Let's see, there was the weird guy whom she dumped his brother to go with, then there was the abusive druggy guy, then there was the guy who gets turned on by children and beat her (although she also beat him back. My onee doesn't take any shit) and a multitude of assholes all around those ones.. So seeing a guy that, so far, doesn't seem like a complete twat is really sort of like...a queer moment where you're wondering if it is the calm before the storm or not. Hard to say. Then again, he's older than her by 9 years, so maybe that makes a difference than all the young jerks she's been used to dating. I guess we'll see. I suppose you can say I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I'll be waiting to see if he fails. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. For her sake more than anything. It hurts watching someone make the same mistakes time and time again, to repeat some of the same mistakes of our parents and our families when she's trying so hard to not to make those mistakes. People really are mysterious, aren't they? I really think so.

That being said, I'm really amazed by other people. I suppose it's because I'm used to being me, in my own head, so the thought--the real, in-depth, considered thought--of someone else having a consciousness the way I do, having thoughts no one can know and not knowing anyone else's... It's mind-blowing. I mean, isn't it amazing? We grow up used to this concept of each person being their own person, but it's sort's sort of like how people are becoming numb to the fact that we have so much sex and violence in our faces at all times in the media, in ads, in entertainment and news.. We become used to it until it loses its meaning. I think that's what it's like to be with people. You know they're people, but you look at them and even though you KNOW they're individuals...they're just sort of talking meat puppets, akin to inanimate objects. They move, they speak, they cry or rage. But you can't really look inside them. It's hard to understand them. You can do some psychobabble and profile and assume the deeper meaning behind their behaviour or actions, but you can't really see inside of them. If we could, even a little, I think it would be like suddenly sitting back and really considering it in the whole 'walk a mile in their shoes' method.
That person is like me, in a body with thoughts and feelings and rationalizations that I may or never might understand, but they feel and breathe and fear and love in a way that is so unique and special and really THEM. And it's amazing. To think that millions of conversations are going on in a quiet elevator as people think about moments in their lives, make lists of what they have to do that day, chastise themselves for mistakes or console themselves because of something else. People can suck, but when you consider it as a whole... People are really amazing. Life itself is really amazing. And it isn't just humans. Animals, plants, anything with a consciousness. The universe itself, alive and thrumming with energy and vibrations and particles floating every which way. Atoms colliding and building and decaying again. Some moments, when I really just stop to consider it, everything around me is like pure magic. And it's so absolutely overwhelming and consuming that I am filled with awe. I mean, and them some asshole will likely ruin it by saying or doing something particularly vexing or displeasing and I start to fade back to normalcy, but for a moment--especially if you're out at night looking at crisp, beautiful stars--it really is something. The universe happened in an instant, a misstep, and however you consider creation, with god or science or both or neither, you can't deny how really breathtaking it all is. We're alive. We exist. We have conscious thought and feelings and there are others out there just like us. Maybe better or worse versions of ourselves, but fundamentally? We're all the same. And it's rather extraordinary.


The magical, mystical Request Queue: Always open and vetting new requests!

Hillygon - WITCH based Original Characters Charlie Miller and sibling Kelly. --In Progress 20%--

Movie-Man - Original pirate characters, 5 females, in either group or individual images. *Next up, 4 of 5*

GalaxySeerNumber9 - Original Character in pairing with Marvel character Yondu.

FantasyRebirth96 - Pokemon Mega Cerulean Charizard

SteveAnime - Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3) and character Steve in swimsuits at the beach.


Pending Requests:

wr515 - Picture of requester..joyfully hugging a bewildered troll while becoming slowly petrified
  [This is now a maybe. I'm just..just maybe. It still creeps me out.]
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