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--------Welcome to the FAQ and Information Section!---------


-Yes, I do accept requests. Please submit all requests in a note to me with "Request" somewhere in the subject line, along with any specifics or associated references for the request.
That means if I look over your request, I should know EXACTLY what it is you want. Anything you do not tell me up front is left up to me to decide, so there's no going back later and saying "but I wanted" or "could you change". Requests are FREE, so the only thing they cost is my time and effort. Mine. Got that? So please tell me if there are specifics ahead of time. I'll look over all requests and let you know if I accept. If I decline, I will also let you know the reason.


Commissions are only accepted from friends for now, as I do NOT have electronic payment set up and all payments are done by money order/cashier's check and sent by mail. Obviously I wouldn't give my personal address to just anybody. Besides, I'm not confident enough right now to feel like I can sell a lot of work.

If I get enough requests and those turn into people wanting commissions, I might change this later and get a form of electronic payment set up, but for now that isn't an issue.


No. Take a look at my gallery. I draw in that style. Anime/manga style. I'm not very good at realism and have no interest in copying someone else's style just to please you. There are plenty of artists who just emulate someone else. Ask them.


If it's against the ToS, don't even ask me. The following are things that I will likely decline to work on:

--Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai (or any sexually graphic content)
--Extreme Obesity
--99% of anything involving incest
--99% of anything anthro/furry/animals* [Particularly because it isn't my forte]
--Any project so large it should be commission. (such as one-shot comics)
--Drawing vehicles. (I don't have experience with this, so please don't ask)

*I may make exceptions for certain animal types, especially if references are involved.

Shounen and shoujo ai are okay. They are generally more about interpersonal relationships than anything sexual, and I don't mind illustrating that.


The short answer is no. If it is a request, you may NOT re-post, upload or submit my work anywhere. I am not comfortable with that.
If you have commissioned work from me, obviously you own the work and can do whatever you want with it; as long as I am given credit for the piece, it is otherwise out of my hands.


I will reiterate--since I, apparently, have to--please, do NOT ask me to do work that would clearly be commission as a free request. It's a little insulting. In that same turn, don't try to manipulate me to see just how much you can get for free. I have the rule for a reason: submit what you'd like via note and if it isn't accepted, you'll know why and have the chance to modify said request.

I'm not a fast artist, I get distracted by shiny objects and I am obsessively indecisive as I work--but I bust my ass and do a good job considering my skill level. So when I get large requests, they can monopolize my time. I do accept multiple requests, but if you have more than two at a time, the others will be cycled in the queue so that I can fulfill any other requests I receive as well.

=_= Thank you. And remember: Free doesn't mean take advantage of a person's kindness and willingness to work!

Blood Type: O+
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 169.5 cm
Eyes: Blue
Contacts or Glasses: Not yet. Here's hoping I can avoid them.

And I finally made a contact email separate from my personal!


Current Residence: United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Big enough to swim in
Print preference: Glossy
Favourite genre of music: Alternative...but I like a variety.
Favourite photographer: Squid
Operating System: Windows 7...Vista died.
MP3 player of choice: I dislike them.
Wallpaper of choice: Artist Wallpapers; realistic or anime--it doesn't matter.


Sorry, but I DO NOT use:

Facebook, Tumblr, Skype, Google+

Also, I currently do not use any Instant Messenger. I make exceptions for G-chat if I'm already in my email, but usually I only turn that on by request. ^^; Sorry!

High 90's, humidity and heat index in the 100's.. I really hate Summer's heat.

=_= So tired..

I am currently watching a couple anime (been a while!): Psycho-Pass and Fate/Zero. Psycho-Pass is much more addictive.. I watched five episodes in one sitting.

My eRewards surveys have finally bore fruit in the form of a Gamestop card. ^^ I was able to buy a new game! I got Tales of Xillia--although I won't let myself play it til I beat Tales of the Abyss...and complete a couple more requests..

In other news.. I finally got the alignment done on the car. Christian Brothers Automotive in Arnold is now my new favorite mechanic. Now At least they're sure to return my calls. -_- So far they can do more than my old mechanic, and the pricing for parts seems better, too, for the most part. It's a further drive, and the labor is a fuck ton of money, but my car also gets done in amazing time.. I really like them! Plus they have a nifty wait area that feels like a rich person's house...and they give you free drinks while you wait. It's so fancy. The people are very nice as can do payment arrangement! Good to know.. After the alignment, they did a free inspection of the car and I found out my alternator's belt was pretty much ready to give up on life. (I TOLD Jemi the car sounded funny). They fit me in for two days later (this last Thursday), and that ran a pretty penny.. 110..most of it in the labor. The part was really cheap!

Anyway, I had the give me the estimate for the work my other mechanic told me I needed...and the cost is cheaper to have Christian Bros do it--and it will be faster, too, I'll bet--but the shocks alone will run me 600 (parts and labor) plus tax.. So it will still have to wait.

Jemi got free movie tickets at work since his store sold a lot of Baja Blast product this summer, more than the other branches, so I got to go to the movies for the first time in over a year! ^^ I had a pocket full of calming pills and we went on a weekday in early afternoon, so it was pretty empty--which helped a lot! The Ronnie's 20 Cinema was having a $5 day, and since it was so far to go to see my movie (the Weherenberg Theater in Arnold already ended it), we decided to see more than one movie to make it worth the drive. ^^ I ended up just paying for both movies since it was the same cost as it would have been without the deal, and we saved the free movie tickets for Thursday. So on Tuesday we saw the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Lucy. ^^ It isn't often I give movies good reviews..being as harsh a critic as I am, but I really loved both of them. The second Apes movie was even more likable than the first, even though I had unanswered questions for both films, I left feeling satisfied with both.

On Thursday, being in Arnold already for the belt replacement, we used the free tickets to see The Giver. I had never read the book--always a good thing in my case--so it was a new story for me. I'd recommend it greatly. Watching three films and not being bothered by any of a new experience, so it was nice and worked out well. Arnold Theater was so empty, too! I really liked that. I hate crowded places.. At both theaters they have arcade areas with air hockey tables.. I am terrible at it, but I really enjoy that game. ^^ I even did better than I ever have. At Ronnie's..there was this claw machine that was so big...the claw, if they made them strong enough to pick up ANYTHING--was large enough to pick up a child! The stuffed animals in there were huge.. I had never seen one like that before. Jemi wanted to play it badly, so I let him use a bit of the small amount of money I had to try it once...since it was two dollars a try.. Insane.. And the claw is so weak it barely even slid over the body of the stuffed toy. Why even bother?! Huff..

For my mom's birthday, she actually told me what she wanted this year.. So last month I put in an order (after calling many nurseries and doing many internet searches) with Lowe's to get the trees she wanted.. I had to wait over a month, PAST her birthday, and they call me two days before I am supposed to pick them up--it already being bad enough I had to order TWO of the Japanese maples because they weren't getting the Japanese willows in anytime soon--and they tell me for some magical, unknown reason, they didn't get delivered on the shipment. So I call the Wednesday and the usual guy is off and no one else knows anything.. So the dude tells me he will call me the next day, which was yesterday..and, no. Thursday came and went, no call. Glad I wasn't waiting all day since I had things to do..

I meant to get a lot more work done on requests today, but Beboo was hogging the computer chair. Lately she enjoys taking the chair away from me... Even if I only get up to check my phone if I get a text...or to grab a drink.. She's a brute. But she has a sweet little sleeping face, so I have to let her do what she wants sometimes..

I DID work today, though.. I completed the Undersea Girls' background and got Christie Monteiro to 90% completion, so I am finally nearly done with that.. I can probably get it done really soon now, if all works out right. Yay!

Alright, this one needs sleep before sunrise. Another hot day tomorrow...and for the foreseeable future... v.v

Updated Queue last: 9/1/2014
Active Queue:

Movie-Man - Original pirate characters, 5 females, in either group or individual images.

Barricade379 - Original character Hayley with her parents.    *--15% Complete--*

manofcartoonmaster - Kitty Pride (v. X-Men Evolution). Wrists chained, barefoot, one foot up in disgust.

Hillygon - WITCH based Original Characters Charlie Miller and sibling Kelly.

 - Original character Anemone + LuluChiii's original character Luka in a pairing.   *--58% Complete--*

04StartyOnlineBC88 - Characters Serena and Bianca floating underwater with bubbles

 Ratchet-Halo - Original character Todd, capturing and binding .hack//sign's Mimiru.

Pending Requests:

FantasyRebirth96 - Pokemon art of, Mega Cerulean Charizard

Completed Requests:

alvarobmk123 - Ty Lee [+Christie Monteiro] in sunken ship.
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